Patient Info

New patients: please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out health history paperwork.

All patients: please check in to the front desk on arrival. If an appointment needs to be canceled, a minimum of 24 hour notice is ideal to allow the time slot to be filled. Thank you!

Illness: Although receiving massage while sick can seem like a good idea, it's not. Here's why:

  • Massage increases circulation & can spread the germs through you more quickly.

  • Although it feels relaxing, your body actually does a lot of work responding to a massage. It is more effective to save your energy to fight the illness.

  • Germs spread! Other patients and your therapist will appreciate your commitment to health and safety by waiting until you are no longer contagious.

 Be courteous. Get some rest. Reschedule.

Right to Refuse: Your massage therapist reserves the right to refuse a treatment for any reason, including patient illness. Please contact Voodoo Massage through this website with any questions.

note: this is a multi-business site. please be sure to choose Voodoo Massage as your practitioner.

Appointments are currently booked up about two months out. 
Schedule early to reserve your preferred time!